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The State of Florida, it's counties, cities and political subdivisions, are partially insulated from liability for negligence.  This is called "sovereign immunity." Sovereign immunity is an ancient doctrine under which the king, or "sovereign", could not be sued.  The Florida legislature has passed a limited waiver of liability for negligence claims.  Our Daytona Beach lawyers will tell you that under Florida law, you may bring a claim against the state or a political subdivision of the state, however the damages you may be entitled to are limited by statute.  The sovereign immunity laws also contain procedural requirements which must be met prior to bringing a claim.  These procedural requirements have the effect of shortening the statute of limitation for such claims. 

Many different types of cases may be brought against the state or it's political subdivisions.  These include claims for the negligent maintenance of public facilities such as roads and parks, civil rights violations, and even medical malpractice.  We would be pleased to discuss your rights if you believe you have been wronged by the state or its political subdivisions. 

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