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Spectator Sports and Daytona Beach Accident Lawyers

Tue, Jul 12, 2011 at 1:45PM


We recently witnessed one of the biggest tragedies in sports when a Texas Rangers fan fell to his death while trying to retrieve a souvenir baseball.

It’s ironic that our national pastime is one of the most dangerous for spectators. From scrambles for foul balls to liners to the seats, and even broken bats flying into the crowd, baseball has many perils.

Strangely football, considered one of the most violent sports, is one of the safest for the fans, except for an occasional snowball fight. Even auto racing has improved the safety of its tracks to the point where you seldom hear about a fan getting hurt.

Whether you’re hit with a foul ball or flying debris, knowing your rights is crucial to making sure you get the compensation you need for your injuries. A Daytona Beach accident lawyer can explain these rights to you completely.

But for the most part, it’s rare that a fan would win a case against a sports team because it’s accepted by the courts that fans should be familiar with the dangers and accept responsibility for them when they buy a ticket. That ticket usually has a warning on the back about the dangers of which you should be aware.

For example, in a recent Massachusetts decision, the court ruled a woman hurt by a foul ball at a Red Sox game had no grounds for damages because it is well known that foul balls often head toward the seats. Generally the courts nationwide consider a foul ball going into the seats or a hockey puck flying over the protective glass as something fans should expect.

But there are exceptions. Another fan won his personal injury case after he was hit by a foul ball. But he was standing in a line at the refreshment stand where you’re not looking for a foul ball to get hit your way. In another example, a race fan won a personal damages lawsuit, not because he was hurt, but because flying debris from the track hit his car in the parking lot.

Because there are always exceptions in life, if you think you’ve been wrongly harmed, talking one of our Daytona Beach accident lawyers at Seitz & Tresher.


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