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Nursing Home Horror Stories

Thu, Jun 30, 2011 at 2:05PM

We’ve all heard them.

Nursing home horror stories are one of the sad facts of life in the United States. Just recently the family of an 88-year-old woman was awarded a $315,000 verdict against a Miami Gardens nursing home after the woman died of complications from a bed sore.

No matter how often nursing homes are sued, the negligence cases just don’t ever seem to stop. The problem remains so severe that some argue video cameras should be placed in each resident’s room to monitor their care.

Sometimes those who are supposed to be policing the nursing homes are even caught doing wrong. About 8,500 elderly and disabled Medicaid recipients were awarded a $27 million settlement in a class action against the state of Florida. The group sued in 2008 when the state’s Medicaid program forced them into nursing homes rather than provide funding for home- or community-based care.

If you think a loved one has been mistreated in a nursing home. Do not hesitate to contact us at Seitz & Tresher. We’ll assign one of our Daytona Beach lawyers to the case. Nursing home abuse is one of our specialty areas.

The Daytona Beach area has long been a favorite retirement area, which has led to a large number of nursing homes. So finding a Daytona Beach lawyer who knows Florida laws that provide protection for nursing home residents is essential. Seitz & Tresher’s staff knows that law well.

If you’re helping a friend or family member look for a nursing home, check out the Florida Nursing Home Watch List of the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. A guide and quarterly list are available by called 888-419-3456 or online at

For all nursing home issues, call on us at Seitz & Tresher.

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