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Mediation Crucial to Unclog Florida Courts

Tue, Jul 05, 2011 at 2:20PM

Filing a lawsuit and seeing it to the end in Florida has become an extremely long-term process.

Fallout from the recession continues to hobble the state’s court system. The courts are clogged with foreclosure cases from the housing bust and the state has had to cut back its budget, unable to spend more to help the court system address the situation.

All of this means that if you want to file a lawsuit, be prepared for it to take a long time to work its way through the courts.
If your problem is something that could be reasonably resolved, consider mediation. The Seitz & Tresher law firm can offer you a Daytona Beach lawyer to provide the mediation services you need. Instead of the months or years it might take to resolve a lawsuit, it could take days or weeks to mediate a resolution.

By using mediation to resolve your dispute, you will be helping your state with one of its pressing problems – its clogged court system. But you also may find mediation gives you the resolution you desire in a much simpler, less stressful process.

Obviously if your problem is highly technical or of an extreme nature, we will advise you to let one of our Daytona Beach lawyers guide a lawsuit through the court system.

A client’s fear of not getting the resolution they desire is something of great concern for our firm. If it becomes a problem, we will advise you to back away from the table and seek redress elsewhere.

But getting a satisfactory result is our main aim in mediation and in all areas of our practice.

For more information about mediation services, call on us at Seitz & Tresher. Our firm of Daytona Beach lawyers specializes in personal injury and other concerns for individuals.


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