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Football Drills and Daytona Beach Attorneys

Thu, Aug 11, 2011 at 1:30PM


With two-a-day football practices starting in the summer heat of Florida for college and high school student athletes, thoughts of our Daytona Beach attorneys immediately turn to the recent wrongful death case of Erick Plancher.

Hopefully football coaches in Florida followed the case closely and will heed the warning of what can happen when you don’t pay close attention to the welfare of your players. Our Daytona Beach attorneys are football fans and understand the need to condition players to the heat, but also know the danger.

Plancher was a football player at the University of Central Florida who collapsed and died in March 2008. It was determined by a jury that the UCF Athletic Association was negligent in not taking precautions when Plancher complained of fatigue during offseason workouts. The coaches knew Plancher had the sickle cell trait that can cause problems when a person is under extreme physical stress. But he was made to finish the drills anyway. The jury awarded Plancher’s parents $10 million.

That was in March when it is hot in Florida. Two-a-days are in August when it is beyond hot.

The Florida High School Athletics Association and the National Collegiate Athletic Association have specific rules for practices. A coach must know these rules and follow them for the safety of his players. In a move you probably wouldn’t see in a lot of the country, referees for Florida high school games will stop play and order a hydration break for players during a game. Protecting the players in the extreme heat is that serious.

Still, with all the restrictions and warnings, young student athletes will still die on the practice field. It happens every year. Sometimes there is nothing a coach could have done. Sometimes there is something the coach should have done.

Daytona Beach attorneys can advise families about their legal rights in personal injury and wrongful death cases. Their expertise is crucial in such cases.

The Daytona Beach attorneys at Seitz & Tresher hope everyone has a safe and happy football season, but also remind families that they are available to help them.


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