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Ecommerce and Product Liability

Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 1:55PM


Ecommerce has opened up tremendous opportunities for consumers, who now can comparison shop worldwide.

The Daytona Beach lawyers at Seitz & Tresher want consumers to take advantage of these opportunities, but also to be aware of some dangers.
Years ago, consumers were limited to what was offered by the retailers in their area or the catalog merchants. Now they can type in the product name and find thousands of sources for it, letting them look for the best quality and the lowest price.

But with the increased opportunities for consumers also comes increased possibilities for them getting defective products and even products that could be dangerous to them and their families.

In the past, if you got a defective product, you just went back to the retailer who sold it to you or shipped it back to the catalog company. Now, if you buy a defective product, and it’s from a less than honest online retailer, you may found yourself stuck with it.

So, before you buy, make sure you know from whom you’re buying. A simple test is to enter the word scam into a search engine along with the online retailer’s name. If they’ve gotten a complaint, it should show up. Another way to check them out is to the Better Business Bureau in their area or their state’s consumer services agency. If the retailer doesn’t have a street address in their contact information, think long and hard about spending money with them.

If you do get a defective product, obviously, contact the retailer first and see if they’ll resolve the problem. The next step is to go to one of three agencies. The U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission has a website dedicated to consumer protection called The Better Business Bureau and the state consumer affairs office are the other two agencies you can report to.

If all of that fails to get you a resolution to your problem, then you may want to talk to an attorney about your rights under product liability laws. At Seitz & Tresher, our Daytona Beach lawyers are experts in product liability law and will work hard to see issues resolved.


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