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Amusement Park Injuries

Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 2:00PM


One of the advantages of living in Central Florida is we have easy access to amusement parks that people travel  to from all over the world.

That means we probably visit Disney, Universal, SeaWorld and the other parks more than someone in Germany. However, they probably trounce us in Oktoberfest festivities attendance.

But that also means we’re more likely to get hurt.

In case you’ve never dealt with the amusement parks on anything, especially on a legal matter, talking to a Volusia County accident attorney would be an extremely good idea.

The state of Florida has given the amusement parks, a sacred cow so to speak, great leeway in handling personal injuries – just try to find out how many occur each year at a park like Disney World. Under Florida law the amusement parks don’t have to report most injuries.

If your injury requires medical care, lost time at work and anything else you would hope to get compensation for, you are going to have to go to battle. The parks have their cadre of lawyers. You’ll need representation, too.

The amusement parks aren’t run by mom and pop. They are owned by huge corporations that are trying to wring as much profit out of them as possible. They’re not too crazy about having to pay for non-park operating expenses, such as their guests’ injuries.

Amusement parks provide a great escape and a lot of joy, but they also can be dangerous. Some of the rides are thrilling, and there are some warning signs, but sometimes things happen no matter how well you are warned.

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