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Volusia County Accident Attorney - Refusal to Pay

What happens if you and the Insurance Company can not agree on the amount owed?

You may want to speak with a Volusia County Accident Attorney if the insurance company refuses to pay a fair figure for your property damage you may enforce your rights by filing suit against the other motorist or your own insurance carrier.  The down side to such an action is that lawsuits are expensive and take time.  It may be months before you arrive at the end of the litigation process.  Additionally, there is no guarantee of success in any lawsuit.  The other problem you face is that you can not file suit today for your property damage claim and file a separate suit later for your personal injuries.  This is known as separating your causes of action and is not allowed in Florida.  You must bring suit for all of your damages, property and personal, at one time.  Normally, such a claim must wait until the injured party has been discharged by their treating physician.

As you can see, property damage claims can be complicated and difficult.  The information in our Volusia County Accident Attorney web site only provides the most basic understanding of many of the issues you may be confronted with.  We are happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have concerning a property damage claim. If you have any questions for a Volusia County Accident Attorney feel free to contact us today!

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