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Trails and a DeLand Accident Attorney

Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 8:05AM

     Autumn in East Central Florida is a great time to take advantage of the area’s growing system of trails for hikers, bikers and others. The weather has cooled off so you can hike or bike further without fear of heat stroke.

     Local governments in the region have been pushing hard to build more trails, either as part of the Florida trails program or the national Rails to Trails program.

      But as a DeLand accident attorney knows, the more you enjoy the trails system, the greater the possibility you may suffer an injury. If the unthinkable occurs and you are injured on a trail, it can be very difficult to seek redress for your injuries from public or private entities connected with the trail.

     To encourage private landowners to participate in expanding the development of trails in the state, Florida’s trails legislation specifically exempts private landowners from any liability.

     Florida’s sovereign immunity law also may provide protection to the state or local government from liability for personal injuries that occur on trails.

     Still, for any personal injury, no matter where it happens, you can consult with a DeLand accident attorney about your rights. Every situation is different and a DeLand accident attorney knows the law and how it applies.

     A DeLand accident attorney hopes the developer of the trail will heed the advice of the national Rails to Trails program and set up a good maintenance program to keep the trail safe. Enjoying a hike or bike ride along an East Central Florida trail during the fall is greatly enjoyable!

     But if you need help with a personal injury, consider consulting with a DeLand accident attorney at Seitz & Tresher. The firm also can help with wrongful death cases.

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