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The Scariest Product Recalls of All

Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 2:14PM


     Product recalls have become a part of daily life and are considered by many to be an irritant when they are for a seemingly minor problem.

     But when the recall involves a product that affects children, Daytona Beach lawyers know it can get scary.

      IKEA recently recalled a high chair because a buckle on the seat restraint could fail and cause the child to fall. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced IKEA was recalling 169,000 of the ANTILOP chairs to repair the buckle. IKEA acknowledged there were eight reports of the buckle failing and three children being injured.  

      The chairs have a red, white or blue plastic seat and metal legs. On the bottom of the seat you should find the words IKEA and Antilop

      The high chairs are just the latest in what Daytona Beach lawyers note are many product recalls involving everything from cribs to toys. There have been child deaths reported over the years because of defective products.  Many years ago, a child inDaytona Beachdied after playing with the Water Wiggle toy that attached to a garden hose.  That case led to lengthy litigation that culminated in a trial.

      Most manufacturers of children’s products take great care to insure they are making a safe product and immediately try to remedy any defects. Still that doesn’t absolve them of liability if something happens to a child in the normal use of their product. Also, there are less than reputable manufacturers out there who are more concerned with making money than protecting children.

      No matter the product, Daytona Beach lawyers are well-versed in product liability issues and can explain your rights if you or your child is injured because of a defective product.

      The Daytona Beach lawyers of Seitz & Tresher also practice in other areas of the law, especially personal injury and wrongful death.

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