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Texting While Driving and Daytona Beach Lawyers

Tue, Sep 06, 2011 at 1:28PM

      Talking on a hand held cell phone while driving has become an insidious evil, creating havoc on the roadways and causing an epidemic of civil lawsuits.

     Hands free communication improves the situation quite a bit, but it is still a distraction.

      But while drivers talking on cell phones are a scourge on the roadways, texting while driving has pushed the envelope even further out when it comes to distracted driving.

      How anyone could read or write a text message on their cell phone and drive is a mystery to Daytona Beach lawyers. Driving requires quite a bit of attention and diverting half your focus to texting would seem an extremely dangerous thing to do.

      Many state legislatures were quick to note that point, too. Already 34 states and the District of Colombia ban text messaging for all drivers. Seven more states have banned it for novice drivers and then three more states bar bus drivers from texting and driving.

       But as with using cell phones and driving, Florida is one of a handful of states that has no regulations on texting while driving. The Daytona Beach lawyers of Seitz & Tresher hope this is something that will not continue.

      It’s not like Florida hasn’t had its share of traumatic accidents caused by texting and driving. But, so far, every attempt to legislate a ban on texting and driving has failed.

     Regardless of what the Legislature does, though, the Daytona Beach lawyers of Seitz & Tresher can provide representation in civil cases involving distracted driving.

     Daytona Beach-based Seitz & Tresher also can provide representation in cases involving nursing home abuse, product liability and medical negligence.

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