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Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents and Daytona Beach Lawyers

Fri, Sep 30, 2011 at 9:45AM

Have you looked around your home and thought about how you’ll be able to navigate it once you are old and frail?

Daytona Beach lawyersknow one of the first steps you can take to help prevent personal injury is making sure your home is safe.

For senior citizens, falls at home are the biggest cause of personal injury, according to the National Safety Council. For all ages, falls were the cause of more than 25,000 fatalities in 2009.

Daytona Beach lawyersbelieve starting to prepare your home now for when you’re older would be a good investment. Some places to look at are:

-- Doorways
-- Ramps
-- Cluttered hallways
-- Areas with heavy traffic
-- Uneven surfaces
-- Areas prone to wetness or spills
-- Unguarded heights
-- Unstable work surfaces
-- Ladders
-- Stairs

While a good contractor can help you remodel your home, so you can “age in place,” Daytona Beach lawyersalso like these fall prevention tips from the Safety Council:

-- Keep phone and electrical cords where you’d never trip on them.
-- Make sure small throw rugs won’t slide, either taping them to the floor or use a non-skid mat.
-- Keep tripping hazards (boxes, clothes, shoes, stacks of magazines or newspapers) off the floors and stairs.
-- On a regular basis, check walkways, steps and driveways, and immediately repair damages.
-- Don’t use a chair or table as a ladder, and never stand on something with wheels.
? Always thoroughly clean spills.

While there is no way to protect yourself at all times, at least you can have control over your home. Daytona Beach lawyers would like everyone to enjoy their home as long as possible and preventing falls is one way to do that.

And don’t forget that if you are hurt away from home because of someone’s negligence or recklessness, consult with the Daytona Beach lawyers of Florida-based Seitz &Tresher about your rights.


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