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Pet Treats Center of Product Liability Case

Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 3:58PM

A man from Illinois, claiming that tainted dog treats killed his beloved Pomeranian, recently sued Nestle Purina and Wal-Mart for $5 million in federal court. Sadly, he is not the first dog owner to publicly allege that the chicken jerky treats from China caused a pet's sickness or death.

Senator Sherrod Brown, D-Ohio, has requested that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) take action against what were "possibly contaminated" Chinese dog treats, and during a Senate hearing, urged the FDA to "be as aggressive as possible to find the source of this contamination."

So when Mr. Dennis Adkins' lawsuit was filed, the product was already being questioned and in the media. 

Adkins claims he bought the ‘Yam Good’ dog treats, made by the Waggin Train division of Nestle Purina, at Wal-Mart in March.  The package advertised them as "wholesome, good-tasting and nutritious” treats.

Unfortunately, product recalls have expanded to include foods we purchase for our pets, causing them serious injury and medical issues, and their owners financial, and most certainly emotional, problems.

Our Daytona Beach lawyers know that most manufacturers take great care to insure their products are safe. They try to remedy any defects as quickly as humanly possible, but still, that doesn’t absolve them from liability if something happens during the proper use of one of their products.

Product liability law pertains to claims against manufacturers, distributors and sellers of dangerous and defective products. Our laws hold such parties responsible for the cost of injuries caused by these products. A product liability case can often lead to lengthy litigation that culminates in a trial.

Manufacturers or sellers may also be subject to a general claim of negligence when they place a dangerous or defective product on the market. A manufacturer has a duty to use reasonable care in the design and manufacture of their product. A breach of that duty, which causes injury to a person, may expose the manufacturer to a negligence claim. Similarly, a seller has a duty to use reasonable care in the selection or sale of merchandise.  When the seller breaches that duty, by selling a dangerous and defective product, it may also be held liable for the injuries caused by the product.

The attorneys at Seitz & Tresher know how to deal with defective products and their often tragic results. No matter what typ
e of product has been defective, they are well-versed in product liability issues and can explain your rights.

If you believe that you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, our Daytona Beach attorneys will fight for you and pursue the compensation you are entitled to. Call an attorney at Seitz and Tresher, who specialize in product liability law, to handle your defective product case.

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