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Personal Injury and your Daytona Beach Attorneys

Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 3:40PM

Recently, shoppers were horrified, and some seriously injured, when an explosion of shattered glass jolted them inside a local Publix Supermarket as a car plowed through the doors before crashing into walls and checkout lanes.

According to witnesses, an 83-year-old man was pinned beneath the automobile, one shopper was thrown into a flower stand, two women were forced up against display shelves by the car, and a shopping cart with a child inside went flying across the store, miraculously landing upright.

One witness was quoted as saying that her family has “never had any problems here, but accidents do happen."

The law firm of Seitz and Tresher represents the unfortunate victims of accidents and professional negligence. Over the past 20 years, our Daytona Beach attorneys have built a reputation for aggressive legal representation in Central Florida, limiting their practice primarily to the areas of personal injury, and wrongful death.  

Legal cases that arise from accidents in stores are known as premises liability claims. In the typical premises liability accident, the injured person was probably minding their own business when something completely unforeseen occurred resulting in an injury. Proving fault in a premises liability case can be very difficult, but your Daytona Beach accident attorneys have many years of experience handling these types of claims. If you become the unfortunate victim of such an event, try to note what condition may have caused the accident. Write down the name, address and telephone number of any witnesses and promptly advise the owner or operator of the business where and how the accident occurred. Often this can be very hard to do as the victim copes with the emotional aftermath of an accident.

It is of utmost importance to be evaluated by a doctor as soon as possible if you have been injured in an accident. Frequently, accident victims may feel perfectly fine at the scene. Symptoms from a traumatic injury may not arise for several days after the event. If you become symptomatic after an accident, you should seek medical care immediately. 

If you are examined after an accident, it is extremely important to provide your doctor with an accurate history of how you were injured and where you are experiencing discomfort. An accurate history will assist the physician in providing the care you need and will help prove your case later. 

In the days after an accident, you may be contacted by an insurance adjuster. The adjuster may ask you to provide a recorded statement as to how the accident occurred, the injuries you sustained and personal information on your general history. Although you have an obligation to speak with your own insurance carrier, you do not have to talk to the adjuster representing the person or entity responsible for your injuries. There are few absolutes in life but here is one of them; do not give an insurance adjuster a statement until you have first consulted with an attorney. If the situation arises, one of our Daytona Beach attorneys is always available to discuss the matter with you and provide guidance at no cost or obligation.

Many people who have suffered serious injuries through no fault of their own fail to receive fair compensation. Legal advice from our experienced lawyers will help avoid costly mistakes. It is very important to promptly consult with an accident attorney who is knowledgeable in handling these complicated cases to insure that you are treated fairly. The firm of Seitz and Tresher is here to help. Call us for a free consultation.

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