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Mediation Services and Your Daytona Beach Attorneys

Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 9:30AM

Court documents show that a judge in Orlando ordered mediation for the parties wanting access to videos showing the death of a SeaWorld trainer while she was interacting with a whale. Mediation was also suggested in a recent case that made headlines between a daughter and her parents over her desire to change religion. There are many community groups in mediations with local government and public works departments over various disagreements, as well as numerous family disagreement and domestic abuse mediations.

Mediation, for many reasons, is becoming more and more prominent as a means of settling disputes, with a long track record of success. In addition to our other areas of practice, Seitz & Tresher is proud to offer mediation services.

Mediation is a more personal yet private, informal, affordable and faster alternative to resolving a dispute before it proceeds to the uncertainty and expense of a trial. The parties agree to sit down together, in the presence of a neutral third party mediator, to attempt to resolve their differences.  It is the mediator's job to facilitate a productive and successful discussion amongst the parties in the hope that an agreement can be reached and the conflict settled. In personal injury claims, it is important to have an experienced personal injury attorney or accident lawyer present the case at mediation and to advise the victim on a reasonable settlement.

One of our Daytona Beach lawyers, Bill Seitz, is a certified civil circuit court mediator in the State of Florida. Mr. Seitz works to help two parties clarify the issues, consider options, and arrive at an acceptable settlement that fits their needs. Any issue in a civil case may be mediated so long as the parties agree to mediate.

Mediation doesn’t rely on specific points of law. People solve their own problems by looking for a happy compromise instead of finding fault or blame. The courts encourage mediation because they are already overloaded and suffering from reduced resources.  Additionally, the people involved often reach a better and more satisfying result, so they are more likely to comply with the terms of the mediation. In these ways, mediations help lighten the courts' case load. If you are concerned about the decision and/or terms of a mediation being enforced, your mediation agreement can be written out and include a statement of your intent for it to be legally binding, before it is filed with the court.

Mediation is a voluntary process, however, it is reported that in Florida, a judge will almost always (99% of all personal injury cases) order the parties to attempt mediation, to settle the case before it proceeds to trial.

Situations where mediations are appropriate include workplace disputes, community concern cases, small claims, arguments between individuals such as family or roommates, and minor non-violent crimes.

 Although mediation services are offered in our Daytona Beach office, Mr. Seitz is also available to travel to any convenient location to conduct a mediation. Contact us today if you think we can help. 

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