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Mass Wrongful Death Cases

Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 1:15PM

     The mining company involved in an accident that killed 29 miners recently finalized a deal to settle the wrongful death claims of the victims’ families.

     A comprehensive wrongful death case, such as the Upper Big Branch Mine Disaster in West Virginia, takes a massive amount of work by the attorneys involved in the case. More importantly, it is also a highly stressful and upsetting situation for the families who must continue to live through the nightmare until the case is resolved.

     Usually in a mass wrongful death case, the work is not handled by one firm.  Instead, the tremendous amount of time, money and effort necessary to prove the case are shared by several law firms representing different victim’s families.  The key to such an endeavor is communication between the law firms.

     In West Virginia, as in most states, wrongful death settlements must be approved by the court.  Where children are survivors, separate legal counsel must review the settlements and report their appropriateness and fairness to the court.

     Many large wrongful death cases also involve extenuating circumstances. In the West Virginia case, the company that owned the mine, Massey Energy, was bought out by Alpha Natural Resources, which assumed liability for the accident. In the mine disaster, the safety standards of Massey were questioned sharply and the families of the miners want Massey executives held responsible for what they see as criminal lapses in safety.  Whether or not the executives will be held criminally accountable is for the state to determine.

    Daytona Beach attorneys realize there is no easy way to handle a multiple wrongful death case.  However, even the most complicated case can ultimately be resolved through proof of the facts and an application of the law.  It may take a long time to reach a conclusion but justice ultimately does prevail.

     If your family has been victimized in a wrongful death accident, the Daytona Beach attorneys of Florida-based Seitz & Tresher can advise you of your rights. They also can consult with you on a wide variety of personal injury issues.

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