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Interstates Amplify Accidents

Mon, Jan 09, 2012 at 2:25PM

     Recently there have been some horrific accidents in the area in which Daytona Beach attorneys practice. One of the worst happened just two days before New Year’s Eve 2011 at Port Orange.

     The crash on Interstate 95, north of the Port Orange exit, was caused when the driver of a log truck lost control and overturned, sending logs flying at other vehicles. A double-semi, hauling a dangerous chemical, was also involved in the crash as well as a U.S. Postal Service truck and a small car driven by a teenager. The driver of the chemical truck was killed in the fiery crash while the other drivers, as well two passengers in the teen’s car, suffered minor injuries.

     A large mess, such as this one, will take months to resolve. From the criminal investigation to civil action, Daytona Beach attorneys understand what it will take to get it all straightened out.

     Horrific crashes occur all the time. The next day after the I-95 wreck, there was a 40-car pileup on Interstate 10 on the east end of New Orleans, resulting in two deaths and 61 injuries.

     Interstates seem to amplify accidents as vehicles travel at high speeds, so you must protect yourself and your loved ones as best you can.

     If you drive on interstate highways, or even live near one, you should take as many precautions as you possibly can. Making sure your vehicle has all the latest safety equipment is crucial these days. But if the unthinkable occurs, we would be honored to help you. Daytona Beach attorneys are always available to consult with you about your rights.

     The Daytona Beach attorneys of Florida-based Seitz & Tresher also can consult with you in many other areas of the law.

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