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Independent Living Facilities and Daytona Beach Attorneys

Thu, Sep 22, 2011 at 1:30PM

     The number of independent living facilities has boomed across the nation as our population ages and private and not-for-profit agencies find the funding to build them.

      In the area served by Daytona Beach attorneys, there are several such facilities. Some are stand-alone places that offer little more than an apartment building while others are part of a senior living complex that provide options ranging from  independent living to acute nursing care.

      No matter the level of assistance, all focus on senior citizens.  While many facilities are excellent, the potential exists for seniors to be exposed to dangers such as physical or mental abuse or even financial fraud.

      If you are considering a move to an independent living facility, or you are investigating a move for an elderly parent or friend, feel free to consult with Daytona Beach attorneys about your or their rights.   Remember that a consultation is always free.

     While independent living facilities don’t have the same level of responsibility as an assisted care or acute care facility, they still have a measure of accountability.

     Independent living places aren’t regulated like assisted living facilities, which must be licensed by the state. Since senior citizens are expected to reside there “independent” of care, the regulations governing the facility may be little different than those for a regular apartment complex.

     Such facilities often require the senior to sign a contract that specifies they are only for people 55 and older.  The agreement usually contains other limitations and conditions that can be confusing.  Daytona Beach attorneys are available to consult with you about any questions you may have about any contract.

     Generally independent living facilities are an excellent choice for senior citizens who are looking for a place that caters to their needs.  The better facilities offer activities and trips, a café, gym, swimming pool and more.   As with other important issues in life, it is wise to be cautious and safe.  We encourage you to do a little research, tour the facility and ask questions before signing on the dotted line. 

      For any issues regarding senior citizens, the Daytona Beach attorneys of Seitz & Tresher are available to talk to you about your needs.

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