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Historic Home of Daytona Beach Attorneys



     Visitors to our office at 647 S. Ridgewood Ave. in Daytona Beach will notice immediately its unique architectural design, but the building also has a long history.

      It has been placed on the National Register of Historic Places and was built in 1905.

      The building is a California-style bungalow designed by Charles and Henry Greene. It was one of six houses built by Thomas A. Snider ofHamilton,Ohio, that are known as the Snider bungalows. He was the owner of tomato farms, the Snider Catsup Co. and orange groves in California. Snider, who was 52 at the time, built the house for his young, 26-year-old bride. A move his family was not happy about. So moving her to Florida was probably a good idea. Unfortunately on the way to their new home, the Stutz Bearcat in which they were riding was struck by a train and they were killed.

      The family was interested in learning who died first, to determine whether they, or her heirs, would inherit the property. We're not sure how that turned out, but we do know the property has gone through a succession of owners before we purchased it nearly 20 years ago.

       Despite its tragic history, our house is a beautiful example of the bungalow style of Green and Green Architects. Built in 1905, it combines interior and exterior spaces to give occupants a closer feel of nature. It has many different angles, giving it a distinctive look that is enhanced by multiple chimneys. Local materials were used as much as possible during construction, including the chimneys that are made of coquina from quarries near theTomokaRiver.

      Our office building and the other surrounding bungalows are an interesting reminder of Daytona's glorious past.  We are proud to share in its tradition and history.



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