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Make a checklist.

Our Daytona Beach lawyers advise you to make a checklist. This is designed to furnish us with information which is very important in the preparation of your case for both trial and settlement purposes.

  1. Keep a diary of restrictions in your activities caused by your injuries, specific pains and frequency of the pain, what kind and how often you take medication, etc.
  2. Please forward to our office itemized receipts of all bills related to your claim including hospital, doctor, ambulance, nursing, and pharmacy bills.
  3. Also, please keep a record of additional expenses for help around your house or business, including baby sitters, domestic or yard help, etc.
  4. Keep an independent record of any comments made to you by a treating doctor both as to comments about the care you received from the defendant or comments about you bringing a claim for medical malpractice which he/she believes to be unwarranted.  Frequently, treating doctors will attempt to discourage a malpractice litigant from pursuing a claim for malpractice, and you need to record the date, time, and substance of the conversation as well as indirectly inform one of our Daytona Beach lawyers of the comments.

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