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Daytona Beach Attorneys Warning on Toxic Toys

Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 9:30AM

     It just doesn’t seem possible that the “Little Hands Love Book” by Piggy Toes Press could be dangerous to children.

     Yet the U.S. Public Research Interest Groups’ 2011 report on toy safety, Trouble in Toyland, found the book contained unacceptably high levels of lead.

     The Daytona Beach attorneys of Seitz & Tresher would like to remind parents that toy makers don’t always have their children’s safety in mind when they manufacture and distribute their products. And despite the efforts of groups like PIRG and the regulators at the Consumer Products Safety Commission, too many dangerous toys wind up under the Christmas tree every year.

     From unsafe levels of lead and cadmium to choking hazards to products that are too loud, the list of unsafe toys in the report is astounding. But Daytona Beach attorneys note that the report is easily accessible at

     While reading the report is a great step toward protecting your children this holiday season, there are other steps you may want to take, including:

  • The CPSC does not test all toys, and not all toys on store shelves meet CPSC standards. There is no comprehensive list of potentially hazardous toys. Examine toys carefully for potential dangers before you make a purchase. Shop with the Toy Safety Tips, available at and in the information available on our website.
  • Parents should remain vigilant about metals in toys as they may contain lead or cadmium above the mandatory safety limits. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that all children be screened for exposure to lead. A simple and inexpensive blood test can determine whether or not a child has a dangerous level of lead in his or her body. The test can be obtained through a physician, or public health agency.
  • Report unsafe toys or toy-related injuries to the CPSC at www.cpsc.govand to www.saferproducts. gov or call the CPSC at 800-504-7923.


     If you believe your child has been injured by an unsafe toy, you can consult with the Daytona Beach attorneys of Seitz & Tresher about your rights.

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