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Evaluating your claim.

"How much is my case worth?" This is a question frequently asked early in the case, and unfortunately, it is difficult to properly analyze the value of the case until we are significantly into the case.  Who the experts are and what they have to say plays a major role in medical malpractice litigation.

If our Daytona Beach attorneys are very strong in their opinion that negligence caused the injuries and the defendant's experts have difficulty supporting the defendant's conduct, then the claim increases in value.  If our experts are not very strong in their opinion that negligence caused the injury, and the defendants experts are unwavering in their support, then the value obviously decreases.  How well our Daytona Beach attorneys can separate the injuries caused by the malpractice versus the underlying injuries for which you sought medical care plays a role in the evaluation process, too.  The bottom line is that most of the time it is difficult to answer that question early in the litigation.

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