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Danger in Your Shopping Cart

Mon, Feb 27, 2012 at 1:15PM

You've probably read or heard about a rash of defective products and recalls  recently, and all had to do with frequently used items found in the home.

A company that makes electric toohtbrushes issued a safety notice encouraging users  to inspect the brush heads for loose parts that could become a choking hazard. More  than a million popular coffee makers were recalled after reports of hot liquid,  coffee grounds or tea leaves being sprayed onto people. One million packets of  birth control pills were recalled after the maker uncovered a packaging error that  could leave women at risk of getting pregnant.

Most recently, a Florida man's mouth and face were burned when a faulty battery  used in an electric cigarette he was smoking exploded.

Unfortunately, product recalls have become more frequent and instead of being a  minor inconvenience, they are causing serious injuries or major medical and  financial problems.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announces product recalls for the  public's safety. Most manufacturers take great care to insure their products are  safe and try to remedy any defects as quickly as humanly possible, but that doesn’t  absolve them of liability if something happens during the proper use of one of  their products.

Your Daytona Beach lawyers know how to deal with defective products and their often  tragic results.

No matter which type of product is defective, your Daytona Beach lawyers are well-versed in product liability issues and can explain your rights if you or anyone in  your family is injured.

Product liability law pertains to claims against manufacturers, distributors and sellers of dangerous and defective products, because our laws hold them responsible  for the costs of injuries caused by their products. If you feel that negligence is  involved, our Daytona Beach attorneys will fight for you and the appropriate  damages.

Product liability law is based on both contract and negligence law. As a result, several different types of claims may arise from a product liability situation. These theories of liability include strict liability, breach of warranty, and  negligence. A product liability case can often lead to lengthy litigation that  culminates in a trial.

Call a Daytona Beach attorney at Seitz and Tresher who specializes in product  liability law to handle your defective product case.

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