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Boating and Daytona Beach Accident Lawyer

Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 1:15PM

     Whether it’s a sign that the poor economy has fewer boaters on the water, or that people are just getting better at practicing safe boating, the number of U.S. boating accidents declined in 2010.

     There were 4,604 accidents in U.S. waters that year, down 2.66 percent from 4,730 accidents in 2009, according to the U.S. Coast Guard. There were 672 fatalities, down from 736 in 2009. Injuries totaled 3,153, down 6.1 percent and the cost of property damage was $35.5 million compared to $36 million in 2009.  This is good news!

     Whether you are the victim of an accident or caused one, you should immediately contact a Daytona Beach accident lawyer; to learn your rights under the law.
     Unlike an auto accident where a police officer usually is available to file a report, there often is no law enforcement available for a boating accident. So, the responsibility of reporting a boating accident falls more on the shoulders of the boat owner or driver.
According to the Coast Guard, you must report an accident if:

  • A passenger or another boater dies within 24 hours of the accident.
  • A driver or passenger requires more medical attention than just simple first aid.
  • A passenger or driver disappears from the boat.

     In its statistical reporter, the Coast Guard points out some interesting aspects, such as only 9 percent of boating deaths happened in accidents where the operator completed a formal safe boating course. The five main reasons for boating accidents were inattention by the boat driver, improper lookout help, driver inexperience, speeding and alcohol.

     Most accidents occurred with smaller boats and, a sobering thought, nearly three-fourths of the fatalities were caused by drowning with 88 percent of the victims not wearing a life jacket.

     Part of the decline in accidents may be economic. The number of registered boats in the United States has declined 2.2 percent.

     Regardless of the reason, the Daytona Beach accident lawyer wants you to remember to always practice safe boating.

     In the event that the unthinkable occurs, remember to talk to a Daytona Beach accident lawyer at Seitz & Tresher, a firm specializing in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

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