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Bicycling and Children's Safety

Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 12:30PM

With all the media coverage of childhood obesity and the need for more exercise, it is often suggested that one of the best exercises for children is riding a bicycle.

 Unfortunately our Daytona Beach accident attorneys also know it’s one of the most dangerous ways for a child to get around. Parents can take several steps to insure their children are riding bikes safely.

 First, walk or ride with your child a few times on the routes they take, to see what dangers exist and discuss how to recognize and avoid them.

 Second, make sure your child is easily visible to approaching drivers by making sure he or she wears a colorful jacket or vest, uses proper safety equipment including a helmet, and dresses appropriately for riding a bicycle. Accidents sometimes happen, but if they have a good helmet and at least wear a pair of sturdy jeans and shoes, the severity of their injuries can be greatly reduced.

 Be careful when buying your children safety equipment. Triple Eight Distribution recently had to recall its Little Tricky bicycle helmets because they didn't comply with safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Fortunately no injuries have been reported related to the recall.

 Little Tricky helmets were sold at retailers such as bicycle and sporting goods stores, and online from August 2006 to November 2011. They came in one size and were black, green, pink and white. If you have one of these helmets, stop your child from using it and call Triple 8 for a refund at 888-548-8518 or go online to

 You can easily check for product recalls or other problems with any safety equipment you buy for your children at

 Our Daytona Beach attorneys believe that riding a bicycle also provides children with a lesson in responsibility, so teach them proper care and maintenance of their bicycle, as well as how to lock it up securely at the bike rack.

 If the unthinkable occurs and your child is injured while riding his or her bicycle through someone else’s negligence, a Daytona Beach accident attorney at Seitz & Tresher can advise you of your rights.


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