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Bicycles and Daytona Beach Accident Lawyer

Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 4:37PM

     More than 18 million bicycles have been sold in the United States nearly every year since 2000. So, is it any wonder you see more on the roadways than ever before.

     There has been a major push for bicycle lanes and paths by local governments across the nation with the majority of the nation’s mayors in favor of doing more, according to

     What concerns a Daytona Beach accident lawyer is whether all bicyclists are aware of their relationship to traffic on the road.

     Legally, under Chapter 316, Florida Statutes, a bicycle is considered a “vehicle” and its rider is treated as a driver. That means a bicycle rider should think like any driver on the road, going with the flow of traffic, observing stop lights and signs, and giving signals for stopping and turning.

     Something else that concerns a Daytona Beach accident lawyer is the proliferation of motorized bicycles and the possible lack of knowledge of the laws regulating them. A motorized bicycle cannot be ridden on sidewalks and, just like bicycles, must obey traffic laws when on the road. No one under 16 can operate a motorized bicycle.

     A bicycle can be ridden on a sidewalk, and then becomes a pedestrian and must obey all laws regarding pedestrians when it comes to crossing streets, etc. Many cities have installed wide sidewalks so pedestrians and bicyclists can share them safely. More information about Florida bicycle laws and safety are available from the Florida Department of Transportation at

     A Daytona Beach accident lawyer also knows bicycling can be dangerous, although the number of fatalities have declined with increased use of helmets and awareness of bicycles on the road.

     In 2009, there were 630 bicyclists killed on U.S. roads, according to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute. That’s way down from 718 in 2008 and 1,003 in 1975. But also in 2009, 51,000 bicyclists were hurt in traffic, up quite a bit from 43,000 in 2007.

     Bicycle safety is of major concern to a Daytona Beach accident lawyer. Good bicycling behavior should be important to everyone, but especially parents with children who ride bikes. Teaching them safe bicycling along with how to ride a bike should be every parent’s mission.

     If you are injured while riding your bicycle, you can consult with a Daytona Beach accident lawyer at Seitz & Tresher Attorneys at Law. The firm also can help with many other personal injury and wrongful death issues.

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