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Air Guns and a Volusia County Accident Attorney

Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 11:35AM

     With “A Christmas Story” on endless loops on cable TV channels this time of year, more people can share in the joy of Ralphie getting this Red Ryder BB gun.

     And a Volusia County accident attorney hopes recipients of new guns will be extra careful with their gift!

      In real life, parents who give their child a BB gun should maintain supervision of the child’s use of the gun. Air pistols and rifles can still be dangerous.

      It’s even worse when they don’t function properly, a Volusia County accident attorney notes. A recent recall of Browning air pistols points out that peril. Umarex USA Inc., the maker of Browning products, is recalling 9,500 air guns in conjunction with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. In several circumstances, the safety didn’t stop the gun from shooting, creating a risk of injury to the user and others in the area.

     For more information about the recall, contact Umarex toll free at 866-503-3389 or go online to

     For a child with an interest in hunting or shooting, an air gun is a good place to start.  They can learn the basics of shooting and gun safety with an air gun that shouldn’t be powerful enough seriously injure someone else if they are handled safely.

      Used properly, an air gun should never cause injury to anyone, but a Volusia County accident attorney knows all too well the unexpected can happen.

      If you suffer a personal injury from a product defect or from use of a dangerous product, the attorneys of Seitz & Tresher are available to consult with you about your rights.

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